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1 min   2023

Organised in conjunction with Bafta Connect, I was selected by Micro Short Films to direct ‘Endgame’ a short film about a beautifully haunted love story. I oversaw pre-production, managed the crew and am currently overseeing post-production.

The film will be completed in Dec 2023. 



5 mins   2023

In Autumn 2023 I attended the Kino Guarimba residency in the South of Italy, and wrote and directed Medusa, a short fiction in which myth and modernity clash when Medusa is invited into a surreal drinking game led by a dangerous stranger.

Click the image to watch the trailer. 


Whit's Fur ye

12 mins   2023

In late 2022 I was commissioned to create a documentary with Gmac Film's Little Pictures Program, funded by Screen Scotland. The short doc follows me and my grandparents coming to terms with our fears and finding new outlooks on life and death. 

Click the image to watch the trailer.



14 mins   2019

In 2018 I travelled to Romania for a residency at Cine Impact Academy. I collaborated with a photographer and an anthropologist to create a documentary about a unique story. Canton explores the life of rural Romanians, who share an experience of saving lives at the town road/rail intersection. I directed, co-shot, and edited the short. 

Click the image to watch the trailer.

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