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28mins   BBC Scotland

How We're Wired 

I created the 'What is Synesthesia' sequence in this compilation documentary. I presented, filmed and edited the section, including animating the visuals seen. For each animation, I drew the different parts and brought them to life. 

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14mins   BBC Scotland

The Conscious Closet

I edited this compilation show, bringing together different segments about environmental and ethical damage caused by fashion. I also animated the intro, and a variety of short clips to illustrate some of the points made in the documentary. 

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Spooky Memes

10mins   2020

A short horror-comedy that follows a follower-hungry spiritualist and a nihilist skeptic on their first paranormal investigation. I wrote the script, directed the voice actors, created the characters, backgrounds and everything you see in the film and animated it all together. Spooky Memes has played at several festivals and won an award in animation. 

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POWA - 'Rewriting The Timeline'

1min   2021

I was commissioned to create a video for the POWA Scotland homepage using digital animation. The video is inspired by the story behind the formation of POWA and the issues faced by the music industry in the past couple of years. 

Click the image to play the video on POWA's homepage.

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How ASMR Affects Your Brain

BBC The Social

5min   2022

I created this mini-doc for the BBC, exploring what happens to your brain when you experience ASMR.  As well as writing, filming and editing, I had the pleasure of illustrating and animating visuals to portray what happens inside our minds. 

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'En Amorada' Titles & Credits

1min   2021

I was commissioned to create a title animation and 2D animated end credits for the short Colombian film 'En Amorada'. The film won the Spot Category Award at SmartFilms Colombia 2021. 

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