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Working Differently

25 mins  BAFTA & Screen Scotland

Working Differently is a Documentary about neurodivergent people working in the creative industries. I created all animations on this project.

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I won't stand for it

30 mins  Tigerlily Productions

This documentary follows the story of an Indigenous, activist, teenage girl in Canada. I assisted the edit and created all animations on this project which aired on CBBC in March 2023.

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The Conscious Closet

14mins  BBC Scotland

I edited this compilation show, bringing together different segments about environmental and ethical damage caused by fashion. I also animated the intro, and a variety of short clips to illustrate some of the points made in the documentary. 

Click the image to watch.

The Cut_00204.jpg

The Cut

2mins   2023

A short introspective animated poem about self-sabotage. I animated the full film. 


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Spooky Memes

10mins   2020

A short horror-comedy that follows a follower-hungry spiritualist and a nihilist skeptic on their first paranormal investigation. I wrote, directed and animated the characters, backgrounds and everything you see in the film. 

Click the image to watch.

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POWA - 'Rewriting The Timeline'

1min   2021

I was commissioned to create a video for the POWA Scotland homepage using digital animation. The video is inspired by the story behind the formation of POWA and the issues faced by the music industry in the past couple of years. 

Click the image to play the video on POWA's homepage.

The Conscious Closet BBC.png

11mins   BBC Scotland

The Conscious Closet (Pilot)

I created bold and fun animated titles, lower thirds and wipes for this groovy Conscious Closet pilot episode. 

Click the image to play on BBC iPLAYER

Animated Lyric Video.png

Lyric Videos for POWA Scotland

I have been creating lyric videos for POWA Scotland's artists every month from late 2021. I listen to the song and create an animated lyric video that matches the mood. 

Click the image to watch the videos.

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