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29 mins   2023

Miyawata is a 15-year old indigenous activist from Winnipeg, Canada, who never hesitates to speak up for what she believes in. Each morning, schools in Canada play the national anthem, and all students are expected to stand. In protest of the injustices that her people have faced throughout the history of Canada, Miyawata sits down instead. But will she be able to persuade the head teacher to change the school’s land rights acknowledgement? 

I Won't Stand For It was broadcast on CBBC in March 2023. It won Best half Hour documentary at Atlanta Children's film Festival 2023, and was in the official selection of the International Kids Film Festival 2023, Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2023, Boston International Film Festival 2023, Ukraine Kids First! Film Festival 2023 and Planet In Focus International Environmental Film Festival 2023. 

I Won't Stand For It

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