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14 mins   2019

In 2018 I travelled to Romania for a residency at Cine Impact Academy. I collaborated with a photographer and an anthropologist to create a documentary about a unique story. Canton explores the life of rural Romanians, who share an experience of saving lives at the town road/rail intersection. I directed, co-shot, and edited the short. 

Click the image to watch the trailer.


Spooky Memes

10 mins   2020

A short horror-comedy that follows a follower-hungry spiritualist and a nihilist skeptic on their first paranormal investigation. I wrote the script, directed the voice actors, created the characters, backgrounds and everything you see in the film and animated it all together. Spooky Memes has played at several festivals and won an award in animation. 

Click the image to watch the short.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at

And So It Was

14 mins   2022

And So It Was is an observational documentary that explores grief and isolation on the Scottish Isle of Lewis. I was commissioned to edit the documentary.

Coming Soon



11 mins   2022

Recollections is a fictional, abstract portrayal of intertwined perspectives from one day. I was commissioned to overlap different points of view and create a surreal experience through editing and effects. 

Coming Soon

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